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Predator G5 PT-30

Predator G5 PT-30 Shredding System
  • Hydraulic Drive Pierce+Tear shredding system
  • “1-Touch” Graphic PLC Controls & Monitor
  • Color Operator Monitor
  • Auger Paper Evacuation System
  • One Function Joystick-Controlled Lift System
  • Fully Automated Proprietary Universal "Grabber" Bin Lift System with enclosed lift hood
  • Dual Hopper Cameras
  • Centralized Lubrication Manifold
  • Screened Output Provides Consistent Small Shred Size
  • Proprietary "SpeedFeed" conveyor meters throughput up to 6,000+ lbs./hr.

The Predator G5's shredding system outperforms the competition, providing greater throughput with less reverse time. The G5 system has three speed setting which you can change on the fly to adjust for paper/product density.