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in the Shredding Industry.

Predator High Security

Predator G3 26 Shredding System
  • Mechanically Driven Pulverizing Disintegrator System which eliminates hydraulic inefficiency caused by hot & cold temps
  • “1-Touch” Graphic PLC Controls & Monitor
  • Color Operator Monitor
  • Dual Hopper Camera System
  • Proprietary Auger Paper Evacuation System
  • One Function Joystick-Controlled Lift System
  • Fully Automated Proprietary Universal "Grabber" Bin Lift System which raises & lowers the lid automatically
  • High-Capacity Dust Collection System
  • Ansul Fire Suppression System
  • Centralized Lubrication Manifold
  • Screened Output Provides Consistent Small Shred Size
  • Proprietary Hydraulic Feed that Meters Throughput

The Predator G3's shredding system outperforms the competition, providing greater throughput and a consistent small shred size in regular security mode. In high-security mode it stands alone and allows the operator to achieve approved shredding results that no other truck can. The small shred is more secure and is a critical factor to the increasing number of companies and government entities outsourcing secure document destruction. The Predator High Security shredding system can also be adjusted to meet the customer’s individual security requirements.