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in the Shredding Industry.

Customer Service

UltraShred's service philosophy is simple: Provide the best customer, operator and product support in the industry. At UltraShred, we assist you throughout the entire process—from helping determine your equipment needs to financing.

If you have any maintenance or equipment issues, you can easily reach our technical support and engineering departments for prompt answers and solutions.

UltraShred has an existing network of qualified service technicians throughout North America to provide warranty and ongoing repairs and service as needed. If you prefer to use your own service technicians, UltraShred will provide parts and technical service assistance when required.

UltraShred's equipment is manufactured to exacting standards to provide you with outstanding reliability and performance. When your equipment does require service, you receive a prompt response directly from the technicians and engineers who build the Predator G3 and Transfer Trucks.

UltraShred provides comprehensive operator training, covering all aspects of loading, shredding and unloading the Predator G3 and Transfer Trucks. Upon completion of UltraShred's training program, your route managers and maintenance personnel have solid bumper-to-bumper knowledge of the equipment—making operations more efficient than ever.

UltraShred stocks quality parts for all of our products and orders are filled quickly and accurately. For parts orders, please call 877-468-5872.

Whether you are an entrepreneur pursuing a new business opportunity in the mobile shred industry or an established company expanding your operations, UltraShred offers flexible financing solutions. Our financing partners create funding programs designed to help you meet and exceed your business goals.