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Predator G3 33-CNG

Predator G3 33

With a 9,000 to 10,500 lb. payload, this CNG powered Shred Truck is built to perform.

The Predator G3 33 can be built to be powered by compressed natural gas in addition to being customized to fit your individual special requirements. Like all G3’s it comes equipped with a long list of standard features. Although the CNG powered unit is heavier than its diesel counterpart it still has a 9,000 payload, or a 10,500 lb payload using the HM30 shredder, saving trips to the recycler and the need for a fast fill before your route and day are done.

As with its diesel counterpart the CNG delivers a 7,000 lb + per hour processing speed which helps to make the Predator CNG 33 the most overall fuel efficient and cost effective shredding vehicle available. The combination of speed and particle size versatility offers an advantage no other trucks possess.