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Predator G3 26

Predator G3

The Shred Truck that doesn’t require a "truck driver".

At 26,000 lb. GVW, the Predator G3 26 requires no CDL (Commercial Drivers License) to operate, providing flexible staffing solutions. Ideal for small shred companies and entrepreneurs new to the industry, as well as being a great truck for a high-density route. The 12’2” profile and 55 degree turning angle provides the operator with the most maneuverable high-speed truck in the industry.

A 7,000 lb + per hour processing speed helps to make the Predator G3 26 the most overall fuel efficient and cost effective shredding vehicle available. This is the fastest Non-CDL required shredding truck in the industry. All Predator G3 26 trucks come equipped with our newly reconfigured computerized shredding program. The combination of speed and particle size versatility offers an advantage that no other trucks possess.