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Predator G3 33

Predator G3 33

With a 10,000 or 12,000 lb. plus payload, this Shred Truck is built to perform.

The Predator G3 33 can be customized to your requirements and comes equipped with a long list of standard features. With a legal payload of over 10,400 lbs. or 12,000 lbs when configured with the HM30 shredder, the Predator G3 33 saves trips to the recycler and allows operators to stay on the job longer. The standard curbside bin box will accommodate up to a 96/98 gallon container. This bin box is the lowest to the ground and most ergonomically designed in the industry.

It saves the operator from repetitive lifting of the bin to the truck floor height for storage and makes cabinet collections quick and easy. A 7,000 lb + per hour processing speed helps to make the Predator G3 33 the most overall fuel efficient and cost effective shredding vehicle available. All Predator G3 33 trucks come equipped with our newly reconfigured computerized shredding program offering the most versatility in the industry. The combination of speed and particle size versatility offers a advantage no other trucks possess.