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Predator G3 26

Predator G3 Cargo Body
  • 18’ Custom Aluminum “Snap Lock” Body
  • 12’2” Total Height
  • Lockable Aluminum Rollup Operator Panel & Storage Area Door
  • Double Driver's Side Shredder Access Doors
  • 4 Camlock Rear Doors w/ stiffeners
  • Passenger Side Box Windows for Viewing
  • Hinged Cargo Area Door for Shredder Maintenance Access
  • 2 Exterior Rear Bin Hangars
  • 2-Step Access w/Grab Handle for Cargo Area Entry
  • LED Stop, Turn, Back-up, License Plate & Marker Lights
  • Quick Disconnect Air Supply Conveniently Placed

Durable aluminum construction ensures security when the Predator G3 is on the road.

Unloading is quick and efficient with a KEITH® WALKING FLOOR® system.