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Predator G3 33-CNG

Predator G3 33 Cargo Body
  • 21’ Custom Aluminum “Snap Lock” Body
  • 12’5” Total Height
  • Lockable Aluminum Rollup Operator Panel & Storage Area Door
  • 4 Camlock Rear Doors w/ Stiffeners
  • Removable Passenger Side Rotor Bearing Access Panel
  • Passenger Side Box Window
  • Hinged Cargo Area Door
  • Driver's Side Shredder Access Doors
  • 2 Exterior Rear Bin Hangars
  • Integrated 96 Gallon Bin Storage Compartment
  • 2-Step Access w/Grab Handle for Cargo Area Entry
  • LED Stop, Turn, Back-up, License Plate & Marker Lights

Durable aluminum construction ensures security when the Predator G3 is on the road. The UltraShred carriage design allows for easy bin engagement with little operator effort.

Unloading is quick and efficient with a KEITH® WALKING FLOOR® system.